i thee wed.

I know what you’re all thinking.

Carla, why are you BLOGGING the night before your wedding?

Well, the answer is easy.  For everyone who has been married before, you know what the night before usually entails.  Thankfully, I’ve been surrounded by friends and family all day and my nerves are so calm, it’s almost ridiculous.  I’m so happy and thankful that I’m calm and not worried or going internally crazy.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

This was the easiest decision of my life.

In my heart, I’ve been married to Matt for a long time.  Obviously, legally and in the eyes of God, we really aren’t married, but I’m expecting my heart to be semi-prepared for what it’s going to take in tomorrow.

That’s right.  TOMORROW.  I’m marrying my best friend tomorrow.  My life becomes our life.  I get to share my life with him.

I don’t have any real marriage advice, except choose a person who when you love them, it’s easy.  Yeah, there’s work and effort that you’ll need to put in.  But loving Matt isn’t difficult.  It’s not a second thought.  If I get the chance between hanging out someone and spending time with him, NOTHING sounds better (or is better) than spending time with him.  And I don’t ever really pass those moments up.  (Although, now that I’m about to be married, I’ll get to see him every day… and every night.  Just the IDEA of that sounds like a dream.)

And so, with that, tomorrow I wed my best friend.  I’m excited to walk down the aisle, being “given away” by my parents.  I put that in quotes because you’re not really “given away.”  I still belong to my parents.  They don’t ever stop being mom and dad. Roles change and such, to make way for my own new family.  But I don’t view marriage as a “giving away.”  Our families are increasing.  If anything, my parents are expanding both our families in one (seemingly) small vocal gesture.

It feels like Christmas Eve.  Except it feels like Christmas Eve from when I was a little kid.  The excitement in my stomach and mind makes me eager to wake up tomorrow morning.  I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything or the people for anyone.  Tomorrow, the girls that stand besides me are either my best friends from life, my best friends from college, or my new (best) sisters.  Some people go through life with none of that.  My entire family will be there tomorrow, along with some of my closest friends.  

This is a dream.



1 thought on “i thee wed.

  1. Congrats on getting married.

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