waves + wind.

Ok, before I even start, I guess I should let you all in on a secret.

I don’t really like to blog unless I feel really strongly about a topic. Whether it’s about me, about Jesus, or about something random, I just don’t feel the pull to write. I guess that’s what the creative process is all about: you can’t really fake it. I mean, you CAN, but is it authentic then?

I’ve had this song on repeat all week. You know, “It Is Well,” on the Brave album from Bethel. So let go my soul, and trust in Him; the waves and wind still know His Name. Anybody else see life through a new lens with that lyric?

I’ll raise my hand.

I don’t ever utter or think the words, “my problems are too big for God,” but my actions, and liable thought processes always line up with that phrase. My willingness or lack thereof, are all testaments to a belief that, “my fears will always triumph” when that’s just NOT the truth.

Insecurities, paralyzing self doubt, and any other type of fears are actually no match for the Lord. In fact, minutes in His presence are enough to actually rid our hearts of those things. I have this funny habit where I’ll steer myself in every other direction EXCEPT for help, and NONE of those outlets help.

And when I say, “help,” I’m not talking about counseling. I’m talking about, “Hmm, I feel alone today. I bet watching Netflix will help me.”

Can ANYone attest to that? I’m a real sucker for anything Kardashian, the Hills, Laguna Beach, etc. Basically, the TV I sorta grew up on. And I actually think that I can understand in full why those things actually don’t help us. In fact, it was after a slight overdose of said programs this week, that I began to feel absolutely helpless. Up to my ears in WEIRD vibes and feelings. Like, that stuff actually doesn’t feed your soul. Newsflash. 🙂

The next day, I made some serious choices. Nothing crazy. Just like, instead of staying in the house and watching Netflix, I went to the gym. And then I had some really, really, really awesome time with Jesus. And played this song (It Is Well) over and over, and even over again. And that reminder of:

The waves and wind still know His Name

Thanks, Kristene, for writing such a raw and powerful song. I, amidst thousands of others are definitely reaping the benefit of those melodies and lyrics.

Jeremiah, the writer of Lamentations, in the ever famous chapter 3, gives us a HUGE laundry list of stuff he’s gone through. Starting that chapter off with, “I am the man who has seen affliction…” and his list is nothing to joke about. You probably can’t get to verse 21 without being a bawling mess, because it is there that Jeremiah so beautifully pens:

Yet this I call to mind, and therefore, I have hope: because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed.

And really, he goes on to ascribe the glory and honor that is so due to our Lord. Amidst all of that that he went through, and literally, LAMENTS over, Jeremiah doesn’t forget and resurrects this truth of hope in his (and our) hearts.

I haven’t seen affliction like Jeremiah and I pray I never do. Knowing that the Lord sees everything and knows everything and we are, in fact, never alone, is a gateway to a fierce hope that I shouldn’t so easily let go of. The waves and wind still know His Name, and because of that, we have a hope. Our fears, self doubts, striving, thought failures, have all been overcome.

Let that sink in.

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