you are my home.


It’s been quite sometime since the last writing on my blog.  That’s just the name of the game.  I wish, with everything in me, that I didn’t have a work schedule that demanded most, if not, all of my time.  However, I’m also not convinced that the blog would be updated any more than it is with or without a full schedule.  My summer goal of going to the gym every day was barely scratched with my attendance of two days going to the gym, which is why I’m just not fully convinced of my blog either.

Alas, the updates in the Stinton home?  Since Thanksgiving, Matt and I have been pretty busy.  We took a few days of vacation and spent the beginning of Thanksgiving break in Portland, Oregon.  Getting to see friends and literally eat our way through that city was definitely a highlight.  I’m glad that while living on this side of the States, that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy Portland.  For all who watch Portlandia, that show is not a far cry from the actual city.  After Portland, we trekked another six hours and spent the rest of our vacation with Matt’s parents in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Thanksgiving is always spent well with his family, as we all sort of just pause for the day.  Football goes on, his dad makes incredible beignets, and both the ladies and the men help prepare for the annual dinner that usually leaves us wanting more… oh, and more.

Christmas came and went, or so it feels like.  Matt and I flew across the country and landed in Boston for a little over two weeks.  Introducing him to the Italian traditions of the holiday were fun and exciting.  I have a huge extended family and so when I get them all in the same room with my husband, my heart comes alive in a way that I didn’t know possible.  New England has my heart and always will.  It seems to always get the brunt of a lot of “rude people” jokes, but in reality, there is no place like it.  Four beautiful seasons, incredible culture, and packed full of traditions dating back two and three hundred years ago.

Coming back to Redding is always a test and a trial for me.  I don’t usually leave the airport in Boston without crying and the plane ride after that is usually anything but fun.  Having done this trip countless times by myself, and even a few with Matt, everything felt different being married.


This Christmas, I didn’t cry and get super worked up.  There were tearful goodbyes with my parents, and that’s only normal.  The love I have for my parents has only grown in the past 3 years, and being so far away, though distance is great, it hasn’t diminished that love in the least.  But coming back to California this time didn’t seem so terrible.  Having our own home to come back to; a sense of establishment; of family, made it maybe even enjoyable.  Coming home to our bed, our kitchen, our couch.  This is a huge feat in the biggest way possible for me.  Instead of allowing my frustration of Redding (in comparison to the outside world, hello, it’s a challenge on SOME days) to overtake me, I took a deep breath and welcomed 2015 with open arms and not closed clenched fists.

My patient husband had allowed me to take my time in this process and I am most definitely still in process, but he’s stood by me either way.

Which just so happens to be my “inspiration,” if you will, for a few things that I’ve been trying to finalize and design.  The past 5 months have been a really interesting journey for me.  Never have I ever felt so impressed by the Lord to get into business, but when I realized that I’m not a huge fan of “working for the man,” I thought: Eureka!  This makes perfect sense!  I love art and photography, and creating (it IS what we were… created to do).  I also love quotes and mugs and things that are simple.

The phrase “YOU ARE MY HOME” is something that I’ve been mustering over for a few weeks… it is definitely not my own, as in, copyrighted by me, but allowing Redding and even Matt to be “home” is a huge landmark and process for me. So, allow me to let you in on that process… I love coffee or any warm beverage, so slapping that on a mug seemed most fitting.  Etsy shops are in the works, as well, so I really look forward to the final outcome!

Anyways, so there you have it.



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