He is good.

Just when we think He is all finished and all set with being a good Father, He goes beyond our thinking and who we are, to show Himself real, just one more time.  Sometimes, that “one more time” is a catalyst into a new realm of faith, and unfolds a new reality of who He is.  Rest assured, He knows what He is doing; even when we think he doesn’t.  Our trust within the process is so valuable to us and to Him.  Beyond what we say or what we do, I don’t know that there is much else that worships the Lord like our trust in Him.  Whether or not through action or our silent belief, if we were to be honest, we can start to live life every day with the misunderstanding that He has no idea what He is doing and it is there, that we begin to take matters into our hands (or minds) because we ultimately enjoy control.

The Kingdom way is completely opposite; we give up our control in order to experience a truer freedom.  Will I ever arrive in this area?  I don’t know, but it’s my hope that I do.  Being reared in a society that teaches us the exact opposite doesn’t exactly make this “give up control” idea super easy.  Which, I don’t think that catches God by surprise.  In fact, it would be like Him to have us be born into a system that is so backwards so that His way would shine above it all.  Once we have experienced it or are exposed to it, it’s rarely easy to turn from it.

He is good.  I know this to be true.  What if we all truly believed that?  For those who have championed this, allow those who have not to grab hands with you and to be strengthened.


1 thought on “He is good.

  1. yes and amen! this is so good cahla! thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

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