Community and why we were created for it.

(Before I even start, who likes the donut touch?  Donuts are all I’m thinking about these days, especially when I live in the same town as the wholefood diary.  Have you heard of her?  She basically takes your favorite meal and creates a really healthy alternative.  Enter: donuts.)  Anyways…

One thing I continually tip my hat to are the moms out there who faithfully blog whilst having mouths to feed, laundry to do, jobs to work and they still have time to blog about their favorite recipe.  Or that one cute thing their child did while wearing some cute designer baby clothes (and they manage to link us to their website).

Like, seriously.  I’m giving all of you moms a standing ovation.  I have one husband and work a 6 hour day and I barely have enough time to squeeze in a heart to heart conversation with him before 9pm.  So many things I’d like to blog about and let you all in on my thoughts, but in reality, that’s just not my life right now.  (Do any teachers know what I’m talking about…?)

However, there’s always something brewing in my head and heart, and it can always be boiled down to “being present.”  We are so often there in body, but our minds have taken a back seat and dismissed themselves completely.  I pride myself (pride?  yeah.  I said it.) in being really good at multitasking in this area.  In fact, I love the challenge.  Want me to do 3 different things AND listen to your story?  DONE.  I listen for a living, I might as well carry it over into my daily life.  I think there’s a reason why my (and probably yours, too) heart totally loves the idea of being present.

We were created for this.  Nothing makes me happier than when my husband is fully present.  What does that look like?  You know, coming home from work and not using cell phones as a way to dial down.  Intentionality.  Eating dinner at our kitchen table without the text messages getting in the way.  Sitting down after dinner and just being together, whether that means talking or just going over the details of our day; asking each other how our days went, etc.  We surely wouldn’t have a conversation with our bosses or supervisors whilst checking our Instagram, would we?  How much more should we put that phone down while our spouses and children are opening their hearts to us?

Our silly little phones.  Death and life are found in our cellular devices.  They have seemingly created a wedge between us and authentic time spent with people.  We were created for authenticity!  We were created to be in communion with real faces, not just a screen.  The intrinsic quality of our lives is that of real, heart-beating souls.

We were created for community and being in the here and now of our lives.  When we are connected with the people we love, we display the Father.  And, I would gather, we see the Father.  He is very much in the little details of our lives, especially when we are gathered together with our loved ones.  If we could allow ourselves to be fully present and fully where we are at least for a few minutes in our day, we would discover the beautiful truth that we are not alone.  When the person across the table from you is letting you into their heart, what a privilege and honor that is.

So, the next time someone is pouring their heart out to you, or simply telling you about their day, let them know you’re there.  Allow for your hands to be free and your heart and mind focused.  When people feel valued, we have shown them Jesus.  That’s what we’re here for, right?

“Real life takes place in the here and the now.  God is a God of the present.  God is always in the moment, be that moment hard, joyful or painful.” – Henri Nouwen.


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