Dependency 101.

It’s officially been over a month since Matt and I packed up our home in Redding, California and made our voyage east, finally landing in Lexington, MA while we await our closing date on our first home. 🙂

Home owners.  What a crazy thought.  I instantly felt worry and anxiety rush over me once our offer was accepted.  The idea of living with my parents for forever all of a sudden sounded like a really good idea.  I mean, financially speaking, is there a better option?

Aside from that, Matt and I are so excited to be in New England; a place that many have deemed impossible and dead, we are excited to see the Lord do great things, because He cares for his children, right? Right.  We are joining a pastoral team in Portland, Maine at a church called Portland Life Center, and again, are just so excited.  Our time in Redding no doubt made us prepared for the season ahead of us, and we are eternally grateful for it.  Leading worship and teaching are two major passions of ours and it’ll be great to see that unfold as time goes on.

Anyways, that moment of worry and anxiety…

It was an accidentally beautiful moment carved out between the Lord and I.  A moment I hadn’t experienced in quite sometime.  The moment of, “Carla, why are you worrying?” from the Lord.

Over the next few days, I felt such a peace come over me and that “don’t you know I care for every little detail in your life?” moment that I hadn’t seen in a while.  I began to hear the Lord so clearly that He had been waiting for this moment.  We spend a lot of time talking about our waiting on the Lord, but He is a faithful friend.  I believe He was waiting just as much as our minds can fathom, for this moment with me.

You see, a good parent, no matter how old their child is, loves when their children ask for their help or input.  That child-like dependency brings a rush of emotion to a mom or dad, I’m sure, to the moments when their child was young and all they ever knew was dependency.  The Lord loves these moments.

When we leave what we think we need and exchange it for dependency on Him.

Isn’t that the Kingdom?



3 thoughts on “Dependency 101.

  1. If I follow you… Will you write more?

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