Portland, Maine & roots.

Since my last post, quite a bit of personal and global history has taken place.

Matt and I bought and moved into our home here in Portland, Maine, and with that transition came a beautiful surprise that neither one of us was prepared for.  After Matt, laboring along with some great guys here from our church on our home, and I long term subbing in Lexington, we landed permanently in Portland, together, sometime mid January.

We were excited to lay down our roots and learn our new routine of life in a new home and a new city.  When you experience a new city with your spouse, it proves to be much easier and more fun than doing said activity without a spouse.  My move to California made me slightly terrified of calling another city “home,” because my first year of transition on the west coast proved to be anything but enjoyable.  (It ended on a much much better note.)

Moving into a new home with no jobs in the immediate area or future sounded like the biggest leap of faith we had ever taken together as a couple, but the entire time, we felt so peaceful about it.  The Lord has been so kind and so merciful towards us these last six months that it seemed out of his character to just drop us off and forget about us now that we’ve moved.

With various other forms of income, we decided to just relax and enjoy our marriage because from day one, our marriage was busy.  I don’t dislike busy, but in an ideal world, I would have preferred to see my husband for more than a few hours a night.  Any other girls out there feel the same?

So, we took the winter and embraced it.  We both began to relearn each other, to actually listen when the other was talking, spend time with each other, hang out with each other, go on coffee dates with each other, talk about our dreams and goals together, and at the end of the night, we were excited to do it all over again the next day.  The Lord was totally on our little sabbatical and it felt so life giving.  We took a few day trips along our beautiful new coast, snapped a bunch of pictures, had home cooked meals together and tea before bed.  (And embarked on watching The Office in its totality.)

I discovered how much I desired to be rooted and grounded, and sometimes it’s the simple little things that help us get there.

Our marriage has truly never felt stronger and at the end of this faux-sabbatical, we find ourselves happier and more rested than ever before.  I start working as a behavioral health professional this coming Monday in Portland, and it feels like it came at the most perfect time.  I’m enjoying our time at our church, Portland Life Center, as well.  We serve as worship pastors and teach about once a month.  We consider it such an honor to be here and be apart of something so much bigger than ourselves.  Creating culture is fun and now that we are that much more settled, we are eager to lay down our own roots and beliefs and share them with the church.

I wish with this blog came some sage wisdom or something that I discovered while taking a breather from life, but I guess what I can say is: learn to rest.  There is a season for eating the fruit and there is a season for laying down your roots.  I’m so excited to see where this new season takes Matt and I, and the people we’ve linked arms with.


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